JEMAIL: Stebbins, Donald M. (MC1961) points out a gun tragedy

Stebbins, Donald M. (MC1961) 

How many more Americans will be sacrificed to the gun Gods?

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Teenager Mistakes Little Brother for Intruder, Shoots Him
Source: ABC news via Yahoo

A teenager shot and killed his 12-year-old brother because he mistook him for an intruder in their Florida home, police said today.

According to police the 16-year-old was home alone on Friday when his younger brother came home.

“He heard some noises and he called out for his brother and he didn’t answer and then his brother startled him,” Orlando Police Department Detective Mike Moreschi told affiliate WFTV.

Scared that there was an intruder in the home, the older boy grabbed a gun and shot his brother, according to police. Once the teen realized what had happened, he immediately called 911.

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[JR: Yes, it’s irresponsible to use a gun when you haven’t identified your target. Too many movies. And, you have to know what’s behind your target as well. Unfortunately, the threats that we don’t see is the out of control Gooferment. And, the out of control crime. Clearly the older boy wasn’t trained well enough. We aren’t given all the facts, (like was the home broken into before), but if you take any of the gun courses — at least the one’s I’ve taken — safety to yourself and others is stressed. I don’t think there are “Gun Gods”. I do think that the Right is enshrined in the Constitution for a good reason. And, I personally know from survivors that your RKBA is all that stands between peace and genocide.]

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