POSITRACTION: ‘Lid for Every Pot’


Still Seeking Her Own Match, Marlboro Woman Plans to Find a ‘Lid for Every Pot’

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While on the psychological rollercoaster that is living with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Shira Klein has been instrumental in helping to match up 23 bone marrow and stem cell donors and recipients.

In spite of battling her own disease for almost three years, or perhaps because of it, Shira Klein’s organization, Smiles4Shira has organized dozens of donor-registration events, at which over 10,000 potential donors have been “swabbed” and registered for the National Marrow Donor Program in just six months. People with leukemia, lymphoma, blood cancer and sickle cell disease now have more than 10,000 extra chances to locate a life-saving match.

Unfortunately, a match has yet to materialize for Klein herself, but she remains fervently optimistic.

“As my husband’s mother was known to say, ‘There is a lid for every pot,’” Klein said. “My lid may be out there, but I, and Smiles4Shira will not stop until every pot has a lid, one Smile at a time.”

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Greater love hath no man … then helping others when you have your own problems.

What can I say? Heroic.

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