MEMAIL: Schwitter, William F. [MC1941 RIP] feedback

Message from Pam Schwitter ,

Thank you for your lovely message on the online guest book for my father. He loved Manhattan College and two years ago my sister and I took Dad in his wheelchair to the June homecoming alumni reunion Mass and cocktail hour to what was his 70th reunion there even though he was the only member of the class of 1941 present! We had a nice chat with the new president Dr. O’Donnell. Thanks for all your work with the Jasper Jottings and have a great summer. Pam Schwitter

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Schwitter, William F. [MC1941 RIP]

[JR: That’s most kind of you to mention. I am always chagrined at the accomplishments of my fellow Jaspers. I have been to reunions and they are always a bittersweet reminder of our own mortality. Thanks for the kudos about Jasper Jottings, but I’m just a “collector”. It’s your Dad’s and my fellow alums that make the news. When my time comes, I hope I can come close to what your Dad achieved. I’ll have to get working on those good children now if I’m to catch up. (Not likely in any scenario!) I think that Jaspers always have a great sense of humor. Especially about themselves. That optimism came across in print. Dona Nobis Pacem!]

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