ENDNOTE: Marriage is on the decline


June 6th, 2013 at 9:07 am
Living in a world where marriage is on the decline

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There wasn’t much disagreement on the panel: End welfare payments for single mothers, stop no-fault divorce, remove tax penalties for marriage, and fix “the culture.” From this list the only victory they got was ending welfare as we knew it, which increased the suffering of single mothers and their children but didn’t affect the trajectory of marriage and single motherhood.

So the collapse of marriage continues apace. Since 1980, for every state in every decade the percentage of women who are married has fallen (except Utah in the 1990s):

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I’m glad I didn’t miss my soulmate.

I can’t imagine my life without here. 

Life didn’t work out as either of us thought. But we knew we’d have limited time together and made the most of it. 

I remember reading that “interdependence is the joining of two independent people to accomplish more than either could do on their own”. 

What are we losing, what have we lost, by this cultural shift?

Are the men and women happier without each other?

Or have we cheapened “life” so that it’s not as worthwhile as our ancestors?

Marriage as an institution may have developed as a survival mechanism, but it certainly is more than just that.

Sadly, I don’t see any change in thinking any time soon.

Too bad for them.

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