JOY: Johnson, Lauren [MC2005] reports on a Jasper wedding

Dear John,

Here is note that I received from my Grand daughter Lauren Johnson,’05 who was a bridesmaid at Dan and Meghan’s wedding on June 9th. A great group of Jaspers!


Attached is the picture (I attached two so you can choose the best one) and here is the order (from left to right, then in an S shape. It’s awkward, call me tomorrow if you need clarification) and their graduation info too!

John Brazile Class of 2006, School of Arts
Meghan King (Faig) Bride, 2005, School of Arts
Daniel King Groom, 2005, School of Arts
CJ Gianatiempo, 2005, School of Business
Ryan Banks, 2005, School of Business
Vicki (Farley) Prunty, 2005, School of Arts
Chris Prunty, 2005, School of Engineering
Charlie Chamochumbi, 2005, School of Business (I think)
Suzanna Brazile, 2006, School of Education
Lauren Johnson, 2005, School of Arts

Notes of interest, we actually have 3 MC couples here, Suzanna and John actually were married in 2006 in the chapel, Vicki and Chris were married 3 years later in 2009 in Queens, and Meghan and Dan were just married on June 9! We also have original roommates from OV, Chris, Dan and CJ lived together for two years, Vicki, Meghan and myself lived together for two years as well, with Vicki and I living together for three, and CJ and Chris being roommates for all 4 years! We Have a pretty tight group!

Love you,

2013 06 22 weddine

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Johnson, Lauren [MC2005]

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated. Made my Saturday morning!]

McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Ahh, yes, to be young again. I hope they stick like glue. To have all those comrades will serve them well in the future. (imho) Dona Nobis Pacem!  ]

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