POSITRACTION: Would you cut off your own finger?


Pope welcomes Archbishop of Canterbury
CWN – June 14, 2013

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Pope Francis met on June 14 with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Justin Welby, and the two affirmed the need for a shared Christian witness and joint efforts to promote social justice and peace.

Greeting the Anglican leader to the Vatican, Pope Francis used the words that Pope Paul VI had used when an earlier Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey, had visited in 1996. The Pontiff welcomed Dr. Welby “not as a guest or a stranger, but as a fellow citizen of the saints and the family of God.”

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Interesting that these two leaders can put aside differences and celebrate the similarities.

With “Secular Progressive” threats to any organization of faith, it’s important to recognize our common humanity. 

Isn’t that what the Parable of the Good Samaritan is all about?

Friendly rivalry is fine. We all know that Fordham students have to sleep with the Ram to be admitted. But, we have to recognize the boundaries of common sense. After all, Alma Mater doesn’t have a Law School and Fordham did lend us a “President”. 

I’m sure we can find important causes to join together against — Saint John’s, Notre Dame, … Syracuse?

I like the Dali Lama’s expression: “We are all fingers on the same hand; would you cut off your own finger?”

Dona Nobis Pacem

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