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Newry: A look back in time – Local link to youngest ever Mayor of New York City
Posted by Seán Ó Sirideán sean-osiridean@newrytimes.com
Thursday, March 13th, 2014 Community, Old Newry

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In our new column Newry Times columnist Sean O’Siridean takes a look back through the Newry of old. He takes a step back in time and looks at how history reported on Newry and the surrounding areas through past decades. Today Sean looks at the local link to the youngest ever Mayor of New York City, Mayor Grant. 

I was surprised to discover that the youngest ever mayor of New York city could trace his lineage directly to Mayobridge and was a frequent visitor to Newry to visit his aunt, a Mrs Dempsey, who resided on Sugar Island. We have obtained a short excerpt from the Irish News dated 26th February 1892 which documents his last visit to Ireland, where he took in a trip to Bessbrook Linen Mill and Lisummon for the Newry Harriers hunt.

Early life & Politics: Born to Irish immigrants who left Mayobridge for New York in 1856 Mayor Grant unfortunately became orphaned at an early age but overcame those early obstacles to become a successful real estate entrepreneur. He was educated at Manhattan College then spent a year in Berlin.

Back in New York, he studied at St. Francis Xavier College, then Columbia Law School, after which he went into private practice. In 1882 he entered public service and was elected to two terms as Alderman, then one term as Sheriff of New York County. With the backing of Tammany Hall, he was elected Mayor of New York at the age of 31, the youngest in the city’s history.

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Grant, Mayor (?name?) [MC???? RIP]

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