POSITRACTION: A simple cheap blood test could show risks



Blood test shows chance of suffering heart attack within five years  
Some people appear to have strong immune systems which protect them from heart attacks  
CREDIT: ALAMY Sarah Knapton, science editor 20 JUNE 2016 • 12:01AM

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A simple blood test could warn people whether they are likely to suffer a heart attack within five years, scientists believe.

Researchers have discovered that high levels of antibodies – molecules produced by the immune system – are linked to a low risk of heart problems, regardless of other risk factors.

Currently doctors use information such as age, sex, medical history, cholesterol levels and blood pressure to calculate the risk of future heart problems.

But the new test looks for levels of protective IgG antibodies which seem to shield the body from a heart attack even when cholesterol and blood pressure is high.

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While we pretend to “know” so much, here’s a factoid that has been hidden from out “eyes”.

How many folks could have been saved if this was available sooner?

Even more important, how much time, energy, and resources could have been refocused from the “treatment” who don’t need it to those that do.

Like the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs”, “those people” waste time, energy, and resources on a counter productive “solution”.

Hopefully, the human race will get “smarter”, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

There’s too much “pride” to get in the way.

And, we have so much to be humble about.

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