POSITRACTION: Caring for a porcupine — I guess carefully



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A mother like no other
She’s never had puppies of her own, but this sweet Labrador has been a mother to a variety of different animals.
LAURA MOSSO October 21, 2011, 1:31 p.m.

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Hall and his wife, Nadine, said they noticed early on that regardless of the whether Lisha encountered a kitten or a baby hippo, she treated them all the same — like a child that needed a mother. “She would just walk up and lick the creature she was caring for. Although in the case of the porcupine that was more amusing,” Rob Hall told The Daily Mail.

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Isn’t “motherhood” something that is “universal”?

Talk about instinct. Talk about compassion. Even talk about birth rate replacement rates.

Killing babies, while at times in the wild of nature is unavoidable, is “unthinkable” in a civilized society.

Or at least, it was.

Or, should be.

Think about all the contributions that could have been made by “defectives”.

My morality or insight was formed in both a stupid computer game “Colossal Cavern” and the “juvenile” SciFi works of Heinlein. 

I remembering him writing something like that the genetic advancement of human civilization was more important than the current government maintaining its position.

Today, I’m much more “simple”. Don’t kill what you can’t recreate. (Hence my position on the death penalty.)

So sad, that “we” have killed so many babies.

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