JFACEBOOK: Gallaher, Peter “peardarban” (MC1965) cites “Fourth trimester” article


Peter Gallaher · 5 hrs · LifeNews · There is clueless. There is dumb. There is stupid. There is hopeless. There is brain dead. In one way or another all of them apply here. And, folks, they vote! One guss at to for whom they will vote.


Students Sign Petition to Legalize 4th Trimester Abortions 
STEVEN ERTELT   JUL 25, 2013   |   4:03PM    WASHINGTON, DC

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Gallaher, Peter “peardarban” (MC1965) 

[JR: This was just too funny not to share. Found and cited on FACEBOOK by a fellow Jasper. Have to be political in the “news”, but it is funny. And, you can sense how exasperated he is with the story. Reminded me of the Brothers I had when someone in the class said something stupid!]

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