MNEWS: MC ME has a Seaworthy fashion startup


Westerly man’s Seaworthy fashion startup inspired by Ralph Lauren
Christine Corrigan , The Westerly SunAugust 7, 2016 12:05AM

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WESTERLY — Nattily dressed in a bright “oriental salmon” blazer, crisp white shirt, khakis, and loafers, Ryan Quattromani represents a fashion style reminiscent of Ralph Lauren. 

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As a junior at Manhattan College majoring in mechanical engineering, Quattromani said he plans to go into manufacturing in the fashion industry.

“It’s about getting into jewelry, getting into clothes, home collections — those things require engineers,” he said. “And even buttons for sport coats — that’s injection molding plastic.”

Being in college in New York affords Quattromani the opportunity to keep up with fashion trends in the city, especially Lauren’s work.

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[JR: Clearly, being entrepreneurial is the way for their generation to succeed. Bona fortuna!]  

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