COMMENT: Toner, Mike (MC1972) begs to differ



Your endnote last week quotes “Brian”, with your agreement, that a Catholic could never vote for the Clinton/Kaine ticket because of their support for personal choice in the matter of abortion.

I beg to differ.

Even the official, establishment Church would tell you that you are free to vote for these candidates – as long as you are not doing so BECAUSE of their support for personal choice. You may disagree with that position but still vote for those candidates, because, for instance, you recognize what an unmitigated disaster the other candidates would be on any number of social justice, or even national security issues.

And, in my opinion, few people are FOR abortion – they are simply for people (especially the woman whose body we are talking about) being able to make their own choice about a pregnancy – free of any government coercion. The suggestion that there be some public funding is only to insure that even the poor have access – if that is what they choose. It is very hard to understand why so many who want the government “off our backs” or “out of our lives”, think that government should have a role in this most personal of decisions…

mike toner
bee ’72
buffalo, ny

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Toner, Mike (MC1972)

[JR: As a little L libertarian, I think the Gooferment should be out of everything. That being said, when does a “citizen” acquire their God given rights — life, liberty, and property? Granted it’s a tough issue. The Gooferment has made a total mess out of it and especially encourage abortion as a eugenic and a way to divide the American voters. Dona Nobis Pacem]  

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One response to “COMMENT: Toner, Mike (MC1972) begs to differ

  1. Donald Costello

    Sorry Mike that is not what I was taught by the FSC at Manhattan or by any Church Doctrine issued by the Church.
    In our courses at Manhattan we used “Moral Guidance” by Healey and abortion and sane sex marriage was not kosher. We studied the Principle of double effect and that didn’t apply either.

    We were also taught to hate the sin and love the sinner. We were taught that to commit a mortal sin three things were required: 1) Serious Matter 2) Sufficient Reflection and 3) Full consent of the will.

    I at least believe we agree that abortion is a serious matter. I also believe that there are many oppressed, badly treated women, who simply didn’t have the energy for sufficient reflection and/or full consent of the will. In any event it is not for me to judge such situations. That vis God’s job.

    It does not help that you tell others what you think without evidence that you have the qualifications in Moral Guidance etc. to give an opinion worth addressing.

    It is as bad as going out on the web and finding tidbits of data and then giving cardiologic opinion about a heart condition.

    So the bottom lime Mike,” me boyo” is my advice for you is to take two humility pills a day for a week and all will be OK.

    If I haven’t stated the Theologically accepted rules of the church convict me and I’ll go back to the books and study some more.

    If you don’t mind I will however grieve for the 60,000,000 aborted babies that our nation has seen since the Roe wade decision and almost of many very hurt mothers and fathers. I sure hope that God does not feel mocked by our actions and get sick of us.