JFACEBOOK: Quinn, Peter [MC1969] “Banished Children of Eve” anniversary



Peter Quinn
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20th Anniversary Edition.

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Jim Healey

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Charles O'Neill
Charles O’Neill Great novel. Brought that period to life.

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John O'Leary
John O’Leary It is time to come in from the cold. Banished no longer!

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Michael Joseph Tubridy
Michael Joseph Tubridy It has stood the test of time, and is now a classic of historical fiction, holding up a mirror to our time as well as a century and a half ago.

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Garry King
Garry King I will look for it!

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Martin Mac Oirealla
Martin Mac Oirealla One of my favorite books – read it over 2-3 days and the imagery and emotion of the book still lingers – a true wordsmith :)

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Honor Molloy
Honor Molloy Ah-ooooo and WHEEE! Congrats, Pedro. xo

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Michael Mccaffrey
Michael Mccaffrey Read this book!

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John Lee
John Lee One of the best books I’ve ever read

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Alison Armstrong
Alison Armstrong must read…

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Daniel Thomas Moran
Daniel Thomas Moran A great, great story written by a master storyteller and all around good guy.

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Peter Behrens
Peter Behrens Time to read it again. One of the most powerful NY novels ever.

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Matthew Kirshner
Matthew Kirshner Just bought the original hardcover!

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Jean Elvekrog
Jean Elvekrog Absolutely LOVED this book.

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Peter Quinn joined Time Inc. as the chief speechwriter in 1985 and retired as corporate editorial director for Time Warner at the end of 2007. He received a B.A. from Manhattan College in 1969, an M.A. in history from Fordham University in 1974 and completed all the requirements for a doctorate except the dissertation. He was awarded a Ph.D., honoris causa, by Manhattan College in 2002.

In 1979, Quinn was appointed to the staff of Governor Hugh Carey as chief speechwriter. He continued in that role under Governor Mario Cuomo, helping craft the Governor’s 1984 Democratic Convention speech and his address on religion and politics at Notre Dame University.

His 1994 novel “Banished Children of Eve” (Viking/Penguin) won a 1995 American Book Award. His second novel, “Hour of the Cat” (Overlook), set in Berlin and New York on the eve of WWII, was published in June 2005. “Looking for Jimmy: In Search of Irish America” (Overlook), a collection of non-fiction pieces, was published in February 2007. All three books are in print. His third novel, The Man Who Never Returned,” which is based on the still-unsolved 1930 disappearance of NYS Supreme Court Justice Joseph Force Crater, was published in 2010.

Quinn co-wrote the script for the 1987 television documentary “McSorley’s New York,” which was awarded a New York-area Emmy for “Outstanding Historical Programming.” He has participated as a guest commentator in several PBS documentaries, including “The Irish in America;” “New York: A Documentary Film;” “The Life and Times of Stephen Foster,” as well as the Academy Award-nominated film, “The Passion of Sister Rose.” He was an advisor on Martin Scorcese’s film “Gangs of New York.” He helped conceive and script the six-part documentary “The Road to the White House,” which aired on TG4, in Ireland, in 2009.

Along with his book writing, Quinn was the editor of The Recorder: The Journal of the American Irish Historical Society from 1986 to 1993. He has published articles and reviews in The New York Times, Commonweal, America, American Heritage, The Catholic Historical Review, The Philadelphia Enquirer, The L.A. Times, Eiré-Ireland, and in numerous other newspapers and journals.

At present, Quinn is on the advisory boards of the American Irish Historical Society, NYU’s Glucksman Ireland House, the Tenement Museum and the New York City Landmark Conservancy. He is president and co-founder of Irish American Writers & Artists.

Married to Kathleen Burbank Quinn, he and his wife are the parents of Genevieve Barry Quinn and Daniel Ryan Quinn. They reside in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.

His website can be found at http://www.newyorkpaddy.com

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