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When You’re the Parent Ordering ‘Just a Bun’ at McDonald’s

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I don’t want to be that customer. I would love to walk into McDonald’s and just order a Happy Meal and be done. Nope, that’s not me.

You see, my son only eats the bun. So my order goes like this: “I would like a bun, just the bun, no meat, no ketchup, mustard, pickles or onions or cheese.” The cashier looks at me confused. “Yes, that’s right, I just want the bun, a plain bun with nothing on it.” The manager usually has to come over and show the cashier how to ring it up. I am happy to pay full price for just the bun. Then the kitchen staff always asks, “They just want a bun?” The cashier, manager and I all say yes.

We have about a 75-percent success rate. 

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I got an email from one of my relatives about her similar challenge.

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{Privacy Invoked} and I laughed so hard at this story because this is our {Privacy Invoked} and when we order at McDonald’s this is exactly how we order except we have to add the French fries that have to be in a Red box  …… dry nothing on it just the french fries in a Red box.

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We all are so lucky that we don’t have these challenges.

I’ve blogged about taking my fiancée to JFK for rehab and seeing all those who make me feel “lucky”.

Yesterday, I was at the bank at the end of a long queue. I was annoyed. Annoyed at only two tellers. Annoyed at how hot and humid it was. Annoyed at the fat I had earlier in the day. Annoyed with life. 

Then, today I get an email with this story that puts it all in perspective.

I hope I can have MORE patience when it’s required.

After all, I was lucky to have such MINOR annoyances to be annoyed out.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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