PRAYERSREQUESTED: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) prays for a young couple


Good Evening All,

A young couple has reached out to me because of hearing of our prayer group. Because of alchohol and drugs being abused by one of the couple, the couple are having problems in their marriage and of course their life. They have taken the first step by first of all admitting there is a problem and reaching out for help through a friend to us. If there are recommendations that you are willing to make, please do so to me because I will then share it with this young Family. They are afraid and worried and need our help and prayers. Thank you. God Bless.

PS: I just was told the couple requesting help live on Long Island. Any suggested contacts, orofessionals, programs would be appreciated.

Thank you. God Bless.
Phil Colon
Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) 

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  1. Donald Costello

    I have written to you before in answer to a similar situation. I am not a counselor. I have 37 years of sobriety and have worked with hundreds of addicts …mostly alcoholics. In recent years the population I am with is generally dually or triply addicted. …alcohol, drugs (legal and illegal) and porno are the three that seem to be at the top of the charts today.

    I have given Addiction talks at Manhattan and at locations across the country including EWTN. My wife Mary who is an Al Anon is also very experienced. We have four boys in the program.

    I have had a devotion to the Venerable Matt Talbot for over 36 years and would be happy to send on literature. I am also a 36-year member of Calix who don’t like to be referred to as a Catholic AA but that short description makes it easy to move on.

    Today’s environment is very different from what I saw in 1979. This is not only because of the multiple addiction but the real problem with the cost and effectiveness of treatment. The young people I see who are coming off the addictive circuit are often unable to think very well and have trouble sleeping as well as having other medical problems. The point in mentioning this is that treatment often costs more than $10,000 a month (of course reduced if the party has a good insurance plan) and the 28 day programs often begin with a rigorous every day all day program that the addict I describe can’t keep up with and the money can go down the drain with little ROI.

    I can’t keep writing about special cases but am willing to talk to the couple on the phone or through Skype or “Go to Meeting”.

    I will also be in NYC during the week of September 19th and could meet with them if things don’t work out by then.

    I would guess the couple needs a good Catholic AA member who is up to date with what I have said. The Diocese of New York has named September as Addiction (or Alcohol) awareness moth each year so there should be lots of info in the New York Catholic. If they are out on the Island perhaps they should call that diocesan office.

    I can proceed on any or all of this as you and they see fit.

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    Maybe this note should be kept out of the general Jasper logs.
    If asked, I could write a similar one for the whole Jasper population.


  2. I can supply contact information if requested.