JNEWS: Goldman , Stephanie [MC2004] Assistant Principal at Parsons



HCSD Welcomes Stephanie Goldman As New Assistant Principal at Parsons
Promoted To New Role Following Highly Successful Tenure as Classroom Teacher and Literacy Specialist
By Harrison Central School District (Open Post) – September 7, 2016 2:20 pm ET 

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The Harrison Central School District is excited to announce that Stephanie Goldman has assumed a leadership position as the new Assistant Principal at Parsons Memorial Elementary School. Ms. Goldman was promoted to this leadership role following her highly successful tenure as classroom teacher at the Parsons School.

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Goldman, Stephanie [MC????]

# – # – # – # – #  2016-Sep-08 @ 11:48

Dear John,

I believe that Stephanie is a member of the Class of 2004.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Goldman , Stephanie [MC2004]

# – # – # – # – #  2016-Sep-11 @ 14:05   


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