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Reporter : Toner, Mike (MC1972)

Dear f. John,

In last weeek’s Positraction you said (regarding Katie Couric’s decision to take a pay cut to save some jobs):
“It’s no secret that I am “hard” on liberal media “celebrities” for their biased reporting.

In this case, I must “give the devil his due”.

That was a nice thing to do.

Given her low ratings caused the show to be cancelled, it was a hollow victory.

But kudos for the attempt.”

Kudos to you for giving Katie Couric credit – but two points jump out

1. Not that I agree with equating Ms. Kouric with the devil – but shouldn’t you be giving the devil “her” due. You don’t think that devils are only male, do you?

2. You mitigate your praise by calling her good deed “hollow” becasue the show was eventually cancelled. I don’t think this is exactly true. Ms. Couric left CBS News at the end of her five year contract. Admittedly the ratings were low but the CBS Evening News continues to this day – now with Scott Pelley. While I presume a few of her senior proucers were replaced, I don’t think that there were many or any layoffs owing to her departure.

As always, thanks for your untiring efforts as CIC

Mike Toner
BEE ’72
Buffalo, NY

[JR: (1) I should have said “her”. And it’s just old phrase. (2) “Hallow”, in the sense, that it just was a not.]  

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