MFOUND: Alma Mater has a role in reconciliation


Letting Life Take You Where You Are Suppose to Be: 9/11 Tribute
SEPTEMBER 11, 2016

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It’s funny how strong emotions subside gently over time. Two years ago, my youngest son decided he wanted to visit Manhattan College in the heart of New York City where the lacrosse coach was interested in him playing for their team. It took every ounce of parental love and logic to drive him there one Saturday morning.

I have always loved cities so when we crossed the George Washington Bridge, I felt fairly peaceful. After all I was on this trip for my son, not myself. After touring campus we decided to take the subway to Times Square leaving our car on campus. I told my son, “There is no way I want to end up near the 9/11 Memorial. Please don’t ask me to go there.” He agreed.

Making certain we would get on the same train to get back to Manhattan College to find our car after being in the city for a couple hours, we got on the same exact train we got off not realizing we were heading south not north. Because Hurricane Sandy had hit Lower Manhattan a few weeks earlier there was still flooding so the subway announcer made us get off at an unexpected stop to take another train north. As the doors opened, I was standing at the 9/11 Memorial. My son looked at me wondering how I would react and I said, “Well okay then….I guess I am meant to be here.”

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[JR: Not a hard mistake to make.]  

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