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Bob Stei shared The Kimberly Fund‘s event.
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Every year I grab the family(which was just Melissa and I when this started) and we head up to the Bronx. For this who I just met over the last year, here is what it briefly is all about: When I transferred to Manhattan College in 1990, I befriended a young woman named Kimberly Kennedy. Within days, we found out we had too much in common and became the closest of friends. A year later, I became close with the family as well. Kim and I would talk on the phone for hours(usually midnight-4 am) and laugh non stop. Our running joke was that we had to buy tee shirts saying, “No, we are not going out.” I got a call in May of 2001 from my friend Chris telling me that Kimberly had passed away suddenly from a rare case of bacteria meningitis. My world was shocked for ages, and there has been a friendship avoid left for life. And yes, my oldest is named after her. Her college(which was Manhattan’s “sister school” at the time) set up a scholarship in her name shortly after her untimely death. Every year, we get together, listen to a great speaker, have fun and enjoy life. Tonight is the night and I say this every year this time.. If you are missing someone, honor them today. If you aren’t, honor somebody you love.

Today 7 PM · Bronx, NY
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Steinberg, Robert “Bob Stei” (MC1993) 

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