MFOUND: Alma Mater compared to Wells Fargo — ouch


What does Manhattan College Have in Common With Wells Fargo?
September 17, 2016

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I was reading an article in NYT this morning about Wells Fargo Bank reaching a settlement to pay 185 million because their employees had created false credit card accounts in order to meet sales goals.

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MC is tolerating this behavior which goes against 100 % of the vision and mission philosophy expressed on their web site. Why?  Is it because they are ignoring their own guidelines in order to meet their ever expanding goals for more student enrollment?   Is it because even though it is wrong, it leads to profits and won’t affect their bottom line?  Is it because the difficult and up close and personal work of knowing your students, making sure they understand and support your mission, and most importantly, protecting and educating them until they reach an acceptable level of moral development (see “Stages of Moral Development” post) is not cost effective?

Manhattan College, stop acting like a bank.

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[JR: Seems like there is more that Alma Mater could do for the neighbors.]  

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