JFACEBOOK: Sola, Ray [MC1983] plays in zombie apocalypse movie



Ray Sola
1 hr

Between the coming of Halloween and election, the 2013 film, made in Prescott, AZ, has been released to the internet. If you did not get to see it at any of the screenings, now is your chance to watch it.

Plot Summary: It’s been over a year since the zombie apocalypse and the people of Crest Top, Arizona have gotten used to life with the shambling dead. But when zombies decide they want the right to vote, folks aren’t sure what to think. Congresswoman Serena Paltry sees a political opportunity and holds a press conference to officially endorse zombie candidate Blaine Walpole. Unfortunately, Serena forgets the first rule of living with the walking dead: never, ever turn your back on a zombie.

I appear in it at 5:47 and at 5:59 you can see my butt as I help subdue a crazy zombie.

Ray Sola
Class of 83

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Sola, Ray [MC1983]

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