ENDNOTE: Who has laryngitis?



The Silence of the Shepherds
By Christopher Manion
October 15, 2016

*** begin quote ***

The law of the Church, referred to as “Canon Law,” requires that such public scandal as participation in murder or abortion requires a public response on the part of the Church (viz. Canon 915). Apparently, that law is ignored by Catholic bishops as much as the law of the land, once known as the Constitution, is defiantly flouted by the folks in Washington.

So here’s the bottom line: supporting amnesty for illegal aliens is a prime mandate for Catholics: oppose it and your Bishop might well attack you publicly and personally. But support universal, taxpayer-funded abortion on demand, and you need have no fear: as far as our bishops are concerned, you’re anonymous.

They do have “laryngitis,” indeed.

*** end quote ***

Certainly seem like they have!

Their silence will make more “ex-Catholics”.

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