COMMENT: Apoldo, Lou (MC1963) agrees it’s time for concern about American Catholics


With 40% of parish Catholics not registered or not voting, this is an indictment of the lack of leadership of our American clergy, to encourage parishoners from the pulpit to exercise their rights as American citizens.  This will be especially important in the upcoming presidential election, where recently released emails have indicated that the party in power is desparately trying to minimize the impact of religion (and the Catholic religion in particular) on American life, so that that they can impose their own secular non-judgemental principles that will promote their “If it feels good do it in the middle of the road” philosophy on a dumbed down America.  If this election goes the wrong way, religious Americans can lose some or all of their First Amendment religious rights, under the policies of a uberliberal government and a socialist Supreme Court.  It’s time for concerned American Catholics to be sure to vote, and to buy more ammo, just in case.
Apoldo, Lou (MC1963) 
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