POSITRACTION: Tom Woods listeners are amazing


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How about this: my listeners just paid to have a house built for a poor widow.

Likisana cares for her three grandchildren, all of whom are orphans, and one of whom is an epileptic.

After Gret Glyer, creator of the amazing DonorSee app, appeared on my show, he tweeted out a challenge to my listeners: build this woman a house.

Within days, it was done.

“The Tom Woods house is starting construction today!” Gret wrote four days ago.

With DonorSee, donors can evaluate specific projects, and then see the results of their donations in real time.

Gret’s goal is to fund one project in every country in the world before the end of the year.

Here are Likisana and her grandchildren thanking you generous folks:

I emailed it last week, but if you missed it, you MUST hear my conversation with Gret Glyer, who created this truly world-changing app:


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Now that’s charity in action.

Hope I can find more details or other coverage.

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