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Dee & Judes: the story.


Compiling a few thoughts and inside jokes while enjoying personal supply of Cadbury chocolate. What’s better way to celebrate a favorite holiday than to tell the story of usDee? 

2016 11Nov 01 duo


8:45AM; standing at a crossroads in Grand Central Station.

“This is me – I’m going to the train.”

“I have a few minutes. I’m running to the bathroom. This was fun – we should do it more often. Have some morning coffee, I’ll head to work a little later…”

“Sounds like a plan – see ya later!” 

And for the first time since it’s happened, it finally sunk in that our era as roommates was officially no longer our reality.


August 2008: I sat down in the last possible row in Manhattan College’s chapel to kick off freshman orientation absolutely pretending to be too school for cool but really praying to dear God that someone would be my friend. A girl slid into the seat next to me.

The rest, my friends, is history.

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