ENDNOTE: Will “Catholics” vote the way this theologian expects?



Theologian Michael Novak: For Catholics, Hillary Is Simply ‘Unvotable’
30 Oct 2016

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Novak said that he believes that one of the essential dividing lines between the two parties today revolves around the liberal indoctrination received in American higher education and the subsequent control over U.S. culture.

“The main issue in this election is the divide between those who are college educated and those who have not attended,” says Novak. “The former have a firm grip on the country. They control the TV stations, newspapers, radio, universities, all the great vehicles of culture.”

“Some argue that they have formed a new social class, under the hegemony and control of the Democratic Party. They have drunk from a secular teaching that draws its content from New York Times editorials,” he said.

Catholics “are regarded with suspicion” by the academic elites, Novak said, “because the new politically correct class looks down on all those who do not think as they do, accusing them of sexism and racism.”
“If ordinary people are still realistic and live with their feet on the ground, the elites—well represented by the Democrats—are outside the world,” he said.

“In short, they have control of culture, but not of the neighborhoods, not of the streets,” he said.

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One can only guess.

Has the the “Secular Progressive” culture had a “corrosive” effect on Catholics?

I wonder.

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