POSITRACTION: Tiny House Village



First Detroit Tiny House Village Lets Tenants Rent to Own
by McKinley Corbley – Oct 20, 2016

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There are already tiny house neighborhoods popping up around the United States to house the homeless – but this Detroit initiative will be the first where its residents can rent to own.

The nonprofit organization Cass Community Social Services is building 25 single-family homes from 250 to 400 square feet. Each $40,000 architectural design is unique to itself – no two finished products look the same.

Each building will be rented to a tenant for one third of their monthly income under a year-long lease. After three years of renewing leases, they have the ability to sign a four-year land contract under which they pay off those collected years. By the end of the total seven years paying rent, they will have essentially bought themselves a house to own.

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Half of the tenants are expected to be homeless, with the other half comprising of seniors and college students – and since all the homeowners will be able to decide who moves into the neighborhood in the future, the community’s atmosphere is one of cooperation and support.

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I was all on board — not that that matters much — until “all the homeowners decide who moves in”. 

Sounds like “communism” but a better idea than living of the streets in poverty and tumult.

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