PRAYERSREQUESTED: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) prays for Reinke, F. John (MC1968)


Good Morning All,
I ask for your prayers for John as he will be going in for surgery this week to remove a Colon Polyp too large to remove lapriscopically. In speaking with John he said he was O’K with my sharing his thoughts on the importance of Colonoscopies. John’s Maternal Grandmother died of Colon Cancer and his Mom had a near miss with her Polyp being in the same place as John’s. Consequently, John takes his Colonoscopies very seriously. As John says ” it stops a silent killer cold.” Please keep John in your prayers as we pray for complete success with the operation with no repercussions or ill effects. I will keep you posted after the surgery. Thank you John for sharing. Thank you all for your prayers. God Bless.
Phil Colon
Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) 
[JR: Thanks Phil and all. As you can guess, I came through with relatively little trouble. It only hurts when I laugh or bend. Colon cancer is that silent killer. It killed Katie Couric’s young husband. In my case, it’s genetic. One doc called me “a polyp farm” after taking out 15 two years ago. It’s sad because a very simple disgusting procedure called a colonoscopy can detect, harvest, and eliminate them before they become cancerous. And they all do eventually. Being the typical fat old white guy injineer, I do my colonoscopies without the anesthetic so I can kibitz. It’s watching a TV as the doc steers through a bunch of twisty tunnels that look like the inside of a worm. When he spots a polyp, the doc lassos it and strangles it. Sometimes he has to snip and burn. I find it fascinating. Or you can elect to wimp out and sleep through the whole thing. In my case, it was like a golf ball tucked in a deep rough so they had to get it with laparoscopicly. I tell this story so that you can do it too. It’s really no big deal. And it can save your life. Dona Nobis Pacem ]   
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