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Why I don’t donate to my alma mater, Yale Law School
By David Bernstein November 1 at 10:06 AM 

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I graduated from Yale Law School in 1991, and the 25th reunion was held recently. As you might expect, I was solicited to contribute to the law school.

I was ready to give at least a modest gift, but then I started thinking about how unlike literally every other “elite” law school, Yale Law School has never in my lifetime hired a conservative public law (constitutional law, administrative law and so forth) scholar. (Robert Bork was hired as an antitrust scholar, and only wrote about constitutional law later.) This was true even during the Dean Guido Calabresi era, when the law school hired several free-market-oriented law and economics private law scholars.

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Not that I personally expect a job at Yale, but I can’t see why I should support, even via a nominal donation, an institution that wouldn’t hire someone like me who was otherwise qualified for the job.

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Could it be that “schools” have wandered too far from their alums?

Not everyone is in complete disagreement with the way that “catholic education” has strayed from core principles. As is evidenced by awards to CINO politicians or having speakers that are abhorrent with their views.

It’s sad. But it is a marketplace of ideas, and many alums just are not “buying”.

There’s a principle in business networking that goes something like — “first help; then seek to be helped”. Perhaps “schools” need to go back to that principle.


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