POSITRACTION: “And who is my neighbor?”



Neighbors Harvest Grieving Farmer’s 100 Acres in One Day
by McKinley Corbley – Nov 22, 20160

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The Wollyung family was stricken by disaster when their 4-year-old granddaughter Ayla passed away after an accident with the farming machinery.

A longtime family friend Tara Henry heard about the tragedy and called the household, asking if they needed any assistance following the incident. Carmen Wollyung said that her husband Steve still had 112 acres of wheat that needed harvesting – but she didn’t know how they would finish it all while dealing with such grief.

Tara wasted no time in calling farmers from all over Indiana to aid the distressed family. Workers and neighbors showed up with every bit of machinery necessary to complete the job. Over 60 farmers took to the fields at 10AM and finished by 5PM, turning what would ordinarily have been a week-long endeavor into seven hours of work.

The neighbors that didn’t have any equipment to lend simply showed up with sandwiches and cookies for the team.

Steve told FOX59 he was totally shocked. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw everyone show up to help. All of the support and the number of people wanting to help is just overwhelming,” Steve said. “It was emotional to see everyone. Whatever we needed, they brought.”

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How many times does one get a chance to make a difference?

I often wonder if I was so “tone deaf”, that I was “blind” to the opportunity? For whatever reason, I can’t think of time I missed “the boat”. Guess when I cross the rainbow bridge, I’ll get an inventory.


  “And who is my neighbor?” 

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