JEMAIL: McFadden, Michael J. (MC1973) on NYC Traffic


Amazing!  It’s like they’ve just discovered what I was saying 40 years ago!  Sheeesh!
Just sent them my note below:
You may know of me as a thorn in the side of the Antismokers, one who knows their tricks and techniques and lies and strategies and exposes them repeatedly and bloodily.  I like to say that the reason I know them so well, is that I used to BE one of them… sorta.
I was actually an ANTI-DRIVER!  I was a 100% dyed-in-the-wool bicycle/transit activist doing EXACTLY what you describe in that NYC Traffic article.
Back in 1976 I laid out and had published an entire strategy that was pretty much EXACTLY what you described in your article here forty years later.  See my two articles, Free Peoples Transit, and AATTAACK! (more of a short satirical piece written about 1990 — AATTAACK! stands for Americans Against The Tobacco, Alcohol, And Car Killers!”)
See them both at beneath my Election 2016 analysis.
I think you’ll find them quite interesting in light of your article, and you’re more than welcome to quote freely from them with attribution in your future writings! 
Best wishes in all your future endeavors!
ccing all three co-authors here.
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McFadden, Michael J. (MC1973)
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[JR: So you’re saying that you told them so?]  
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