POSITRACTION: Saving lives is great; simple checklist is a God send



Simple Checklist Leads to 82% Drop in Mental Health Patient Suicides
by Good News Network – Dec 4, 2016

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A new study shows a sharp decline in suicides at Veterans Affairs inpatient mental health units from 2000 to 2015, thanks to the Mental Health Environment of Care Checklist.

The checklist, introduced into the VA in 2007 and used by more than 150 VA hospitals nationwide, guides staff in eliminating physical hazards at the mental health inpatient units which raise the risk of patient suicide or self-harm.

The researchers found a sustained reduction in inpatient suicides during the last seven years in the study period, with none occurring each of the last three years.

 The checklist focuses on architectural and other physical-environment changes. Earlier analyses had shown that most attempted or completed suicides on inpatient units were linked to these hazards–for example, a hook or other anchor point that could be using for hanging.

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Someone did good work here. All the negative stories about the VA aside, they should get kudos for this idea.

Now how can we expand on that? 

Is every hospital using these type of checklists?

There is a great book “Checklist Manefesto” https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0030V0PEW/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1 that I bought for all my subordinates at the time. 

Hope everyone can prevent suicides and other premature loss of lives. I do it by driving carefully and saying a prayer for the “anal sphincters” who drive suicidally.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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