POSITRACTION: Kindness is its own reward



Former Nazi PoW Leaves His $500K Estate to Scottish Town That Showed Him Kindness
by McKinley Corbley – Dec 3, 2016

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Heinrich Steinmeyer was taken as a prisoner of war during his service as a Nazi soldier in WWII. His time as a PoW, however, provided him with friendships that would last until his death at age 90.

When he was 19, Heinrich was held at the camp in Cultybraggan, Comrie, Scotland and was stunned by the kindness he was shown despite his sordid military background. After the war ended, he frequently returned to Comrie to visit the people who befriended him.

When he died in 2013, he left his entire $488,000 estate to Scotland.

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It doesn’t say what his “sordid military background” was, but I think the photo is of an SS uniform.

Hard to imagine what a 19 year old could do that was “sordid”. But as we see today, anything seems possible.

I’d say that the Scotts must have had a positive effect on him and he repaid them.

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