COMMENT: Myers, Joe Jr. [MC1986] cites the memories


Message from Joe Myers:

Mr. Reinke: I am Joe Myers, Jr. also a Manhattan Alumni of 1986. My father Joe Myers recently died he was class of 1953. Just like to say thank you for the ministry you do on behalf of the alumni. I has two class mates die and you remembered them as well as you do for all alumni. My father loved Manhattan and he loved the Brothers!

Thank you again.

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Myers, Joe Jr. [MC1986]

[JR: Well, I appreciate your thanks and mention my efforts. I’d never be so egotistical as to call it a “ministry”, just something I blundered into. I’m glad I was able to honor your Dad, your friends, and all the past Alums. I continue to be amazed at their accomplishments.]  

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