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Anger in France as locals are forced to take down a statue of the Virgin Mary that stands over their town because of a ban on displaying religious images 

  • The statue of the Virgin Mary was erected in 2011 despite the national ban 
  • An order to have it removed was made in January 2015 but was ignored 
  • Now a judge has threatened Publier with a daily fine if they do not comply 
  • Publier’s mayor said it will be moved to private land within three months 

By Paddy Dinham For Mainline
PUBLISHED: 12:06 EST, 4 December 2016 | UPDATED: 12:12 EST, 4 December 2016

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A town in France has been ordered to tear down a statue of the Virgin Mary to comply with a national ban on religious symbols in public.

A judge warned the town council of Publier – on the shores of Lake Geneva –  that it will be fined €100 a day if the marble effigy is not removed within three months.

The statue is owned by a Roman Catholic association and was installed in a park overlooking the lake in 2011.

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Merry Christmas.

Anyone remember when France was “Catholic”?

And, tell me that Catholics, Christianity, religion isn’t under attack?

So sad.

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