ENDNOTE: She ‘Begged’ The Courts; now she’s dead



She ‘Begged’ The Courts: But No One Saved N.J. Mom Before Husband Killed Her, Friends Say
By Tom Davis (Patch Staff) – December 20, 2016 4:06 pm

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Tara O’Shea-Watson begged everybody — especially the courts — for help, to let her move out of state and get away from her abusive husband, friends said.

But they shared children. Even as Jeremiah Monell haunted her, she had to stay in her New Jersey home.

As of Tuesday, her children were safe. Tara was dead. And her estranged husband remained on the loose, the target of a nationwide search.

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Other friends told Action News that the family lived a life full of terror. “You don’t know how many times she came to my house beat up,” the victim’s friend Penny Morey told the station.

She was a battered mother, they told 6abc, and she and her two children were constantly fleeing from her abusive husband.

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Here’s a CLASSIC example of the worthlessness of restraining orders and the futility of seeking protection from the Gooferment at any level.

I rant on this often. 

Orders Of Protection should come with an AUTOMATIC concealed carry permit, a loaner from the Sheriff, and some range time with a qualified instructor. I’d also have the abuser arrested, brought before a Judge, and instructed that he was now officially a “target” who’s job was to never get with in effective shooting distance of his victim.

Governor Christie should do something to reform Family Court and Pepuls Republic of Nu Jerzee’s draconian gun laws. 


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