POSITRACTION: Slackliner pro saves a skier



Home Heroes Tightrope Walker Scales Ski Wire to Rescue Dangling Man
by McKinley Corbley – Jan 6, 20170

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What could have been a horrifying ski accident turned into a larger than life rescue thanks to a tightrope artist jumping into action.

An unidentified skier was riding a lift chair up a mountain at Arapahoe Basin in Colorado when he attempted to disembark the unit and got his backpack stuck on the rigging. Instead of skiing away from the lift, he went around the bullwheel and was sent back down the mountain. But after the lift operator turned off the machine, disaster struck.

Due to his struggling, the backpack straps slipped up to the man’s neck, cutting off his air supply until he fell unconscious.

Luckily, 28-year-old Mickey Wilson, a part-time ski instructor and professional slackliner, was riding in the chair behind him.

Mickey and the other nearby skiers attempted to make a human tower to reach the man, whom he described as a “friend of a friend”. When they kept toppling off of each other, however, Mickey had “a eureka moment”.

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What a great thing to save another human being.

The fact that it was done in such an unusual maker is really “neat” and essential to the rescue.

I guess we should always be alert to help out fellow human beings!

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