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Lotus Magazine Finalizes 2017 Editorial Board
Posted on January 22, 2017 by The Quadrangle in Arts & Entertainment, News
by Rose Brennan Asst. Editor

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Production is underway for Manhattan College’s first women’s lifestyle magazine.  Masthead positions have been assigned for the Lotus Magazine 2017 editorial board.

The board is a series of leadership positions that oversee the production of the magazine, and consists of a managing editor, two executive editors, four section editors, a photography director, an art director and a technology director.

All positions will be presided over by Melissa Gallardo and Olivia Paladino, the magazine’s Editors-in-Chief.

“We manage our staff of editors, writers, photographers and models in production of a once-a-semester women’s empowerment magazine,” said Gallardo of her and Paladino’s position.  “We organize our weekly meetings with our staff and editorial board and oversee production and layout of the soon-to-be online magazine.”

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The other section, Changing Outlooks, will focus mainly on women’s issues and health and will be supervised by junior Grace Ostolozaga.

“Our ultimate goal is to tell stories that focus on pressing issues, especially those that are typically told through the lens of misogyny or the male perspective, shame women in storytelling or are ignored altogether,” Ostolozaga said.

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I really didn’t think much about the story — other than it seemed like a good exercise in cooperation.

Until I got to the last comment.

Sounds like some “Secular Progressive” nonsense has infected Alma Mater.

I guess one of the better “story tellers” Carol King was ignored.


I’ll leave it at that.

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