JEMAIL: Jablon, Ken (MC1962) thinks the Catholic Church is not “progressive”



Regarding the MC women’s Lotus Magazine, you say that it sounded like “secular progressive nonsense.”  Maybe they sound like that because regarding women, the Catholic Church is not even close to being “progressive” or even reasonable. For example, the church bans birth control (a serious sin) which is mostly directed at  women. However, 96 percent of American Catholics use birth control. What about third world countries where families have a difficult time feeding one child but the church wants them to have as many as come along? 

Ken Jablon ’62

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[JR: Well, the Holy Father certainly sounds like “left progressive” IMHO. BUT I’m far from the arbiter of what’s “progressive” or “reasonable”. So perhaps “American Catholics” if they even exist any more, have fallen off the straight and narrow. Maybe they have been seduced by Hollywood’s version of morality. “As long as it feels good, I should do it”. Children just don’t “come along”. And in poor third world countries, there is an economic value to have more children. As well as, a lot of “poor choices”. Children may be the result of choices made. For first world women, such as we see at Alma Mater, to talk about “misogyny” is almost laughable. As the children of folks who can afford a pretty expensive “Catholic” education, it’s bizarre. Akin to like “biting the hand that feeds you”. And in a “Catholic” setting. Most interesting how the world evolves. But then I’m just a grumpy fat old white guy injineer watching life pass me by.]  

Jablon, Ken (MC1962)

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