MFOUND: Marin, Kelly [MCfaculty] “shows just how dysfunctional rumination” is


Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.
Fulfillment at Any AgeResearch Suggests How to Declutter the Mind
Clean your mind of its clutter with these proven tools
Posted Feb 04, 2017

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This cluttering-up process of going over and over the unproductive and distressing thoughts in your mind, or rumination, was investigated in relation to measures of well-being by Manhattan College’s Kelly Marin and University of Wisconsin’s Elena Rotondo (2017). Their study, in which college students recorded their stressful experiences over a 3-day period, shows just how dysfunctional the rumination process can be.

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Being aware of your thoughts and experiences can combine with neutralizing the negative ones to take their emotional impact away. Decluttering isn’t just a way to make your physical space more livable, it can also promote your psychological fulfillment on a daily basis.

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Marin, Kelly [MCfaculty]

[JR: It was explained to me as “don’t think of pink or purple elephants”. Now try and get that out of your mind. Laugh!]  

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