POSITRACTION: Miracle twins kept each other alive



Miracle twins kept each other alive by holding hands while still in the womb
Richard Hartley-Parkinson for Metro.co.uk
Monday 30 Jan 2017 12:20 pm2.

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A set of identical twins kept each other alive by CUDDLING in the womb. Hayley Lampshire, 27, from Kidlington, Oxfordshire, discovered she was carrying Monoamniotic-Monochorionic twins at her 12 week scan which meant they shared the same placenta and amniotic sac. This type of pregnancy, which occurs in less than one per cent of all twin pregnancies, is extremely rare and the boys were given just a 50 per cent chance of survival.

Hayley Lampshire, 27, from Kidlington, Oxfordshire, discovered her twins were suffering from a rare condition meaning they shared one amniotic sac, instead of having one each.

That mean that if the babies moved around in the womb doctors warned their umbilical cords could become tangled, starving them, or even strangling each other.

The only way they would survive the pregnancy was if they both stayed still.

But she was amazed when she went for a scan – and saw her two boys cuddling each other – and even appeared to be holding hands.

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What an entrancing story. Life is so precious.

Was it some instinctive response to the conditions or an Angel? I have no idea. 

But it is a modern day miracle to to beat the odds. (Slot machines have taught me a lot about odds.)

Dona Nobis Pacem

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