ENDNOTE: So Pope Pius XII was a good guy; not like the liberal media portrays him



Church of Spies Reads Like a Thriller
By Peter
January 28, 2017

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“Church of Spies” will inspire many Catholics. It brings to life the heroic priests and ordinary faithful who did not sit on their hands, and who shed their own blood in the Pope’s high-stakes espionage to stop the Third Reich.

This book will also interest students of the Holocaust. It provides a new context for evaluating Pope Pius XII, who opted for quiet clandestine operations instead of loud public speeches. Although not uncritical of Pius – Riebling writes that “he should have spoken out” – the book shows the German resistance itself begged the Pope not to do or say anything publicly that would cause retribution against Catholics in Germany who were concurrently planning assassinations and coups against the Third Reich.

Written with the attention to detail that one finds in Rick Atkinson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning World War II books, Church of Spies reads like a thriller. But the nearly 100 pages of source citations remind us that what happened here is true. And savoring that truth makes reading “Church of Spies” all the more compelling.

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I vaguely remember the Good Brothers in Good Shepherd grammar school making this same point. 

Since they were all vets, I took them at their word. 

Turns out they were correct.


Have to read this one.


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