POSITRACTION: A mourning Mom gets a gift



Late Daughter Unknowingly Left Priceless Gift for Grieving Mom
by McKinley Corbley – Feb 6, 2017

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This mother had been in mourning ever since her 16-year-old daughter Macy Mathis was killed in a car accident. Her mind was eased, however, when she discovered the 25 letters left behind for her.

Each letter asks only to be opened when Cindy Mathis, the mother currently residing in Tifton, Georgia, feels a certain emotion. She found the first note a month after Macy’s death when she was cleaning out the trunk of her car. The front of the envelope was emblazoned with: “Open when you can’t sleep.”

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What a great “leave” for grieving Mom.

Can’t imagine how that makes her feel.

Wish I had “directions” from my long passed wife. She was always the “smart one”.

Maybe we should all leave a legacy like this?

Dona Nobis Pacem

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