MNEWS: Reporting live from TU gym on the MBB game; we wuz robbed!


Here’s what I posted to Facebook.

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Argh. What a comeback.

FJohn Reinke feeling pissed off.

Ryder 69 Jasper’s 68

Confusion reigns. Close play at the end! 

Only down 5 at the half. Not bad considering the size difference.

The Jasper game is going to start more than an hour late due to the prior games.

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[JR: Here’s the official story!]

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[JR: Here is what is left out. The scoreboard was wrong after the last Ryder three it had Jaspers 71-Ryder 68. So naturally, it was chaos. After time expired and the scoreboard was changed several times. The Jasper bench thought the had it it even without the last lay up. Some one on the bench should have know the score. I thought the wrong score swung the game — why take a meaningless layup when it could have been an easy three point attempt. The clock would not have been a factor. Argh! Fog of war. But I hated to see a great comeback effort by the entire team, taken away from them by inept scoreboard operator. The refs weren’t that great either. There was a tremendous disparity in number of fouls called and travels ignored. They say it all evens out and I thought Ryder had the bigger team, but it was within reach. Argh!]  

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