COMMENT: Toner, Mike (MC1972) likes the ND sidestep


>In this week’s endnote, you ask:
>”Do you remember March 20, 2009?
>That was the day the University of Notre Dame announced they would honor newly-elected President Obama as their
>Commencement speaker.Under intense pressure, Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins called the invitation a
>“catalyst for dialogue.” He noted that Presidents of both political parties had spoken in the past, and that the invitation
>was in no way an endorsement of President Obama’s well known hostility to Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life.
>Will Notre Dame continue their tradition and invite President Trump?
>*** end quote ***
>I doubt it and that’s what will expose what’s wrong with “Catholic” institutions. We’ll see.
>Update: CV reports that ND didn’t invite DJT45, but did invite the VP. Does that tell you anything.

It tells me that the VP is from their state (Indiana) and sidesteps the problem of inviting a man who says it is OK to grab women by their privates without their consent. Sounds like a win-win – not that I approve of Pence…

Thanks, as always, for your good work!
mike toner
BEE ’72
Buffalo, NY

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[JR: Just for the record, I never said it was “Saint Trump”. I am sure I whine a lot about that he was “the prettiest horse in the glue factory coral”. That being said, I BELIEVE what this DEMONSTRATES to us that what Fr. John said originally was less that “the truth”. Yes, I can handle “the truth”. The “Secular Progressives” … … (I am not sure what the correct “-ist” is to label them with: Socialist, Marxist, Communist? Maybe just Totalitarian!) … … have taken over the Universities and even the Church. See I’m just a simple fat old white guy injineer and I’d call that a lie. I don’t approve of any of the current politicians — the last Presidential candidate I supported was Ron Paul. But everything today is about Socialism and “Secular Progressivism”. So maybe Fr. John could stop spinning and just say that ND is a “Big D Democratic Socialist” institution. What a disgrace.]

[JR: I appreciate the compliment and I wish I had more and better news to report.]  

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