COMMENT: Kuhn, Rob (MC1973) sees “ownership concentration” as a problem


Hi John … I’m not sure I was expressing a theory about how “wealth is distributed.” I think you are interpreting that as being an activity, whereas I was stating that it is a necessary result. Whatever wealth exists at any given time exists somewhere; it has somehow been “distributed” into those places. I think you are more concerned with how it gets there — and you object to the term “distributed” as a descriptor of that action. But even if we start from your preferred premise of two-way satisfaction of a commercial transaction, the predominant method of exchange involves currency. And when “too much” (my subjective choice of words) currency resides in too few places, it seems to me that viable opportunities for mutually satisfactory commerce become fewer. And since it is a numbers game, if you imagine “wealth” moving toward mathematical limits of ownership concentration, then it seems to me that stagnation of commerce — and possibly the death of economies and the people who survive in them — goes hand in hand with that. So, is the Pope’s message not pro-life then? Rob 

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Kuhn, Rob (MC1973)

[JR: In a truly free market, cooperation yields “certificates of appreciation”. If all those “certificates” end up in a few hands, then won’t it induce more cooperation? For example, Bill Gates doesn’t sit on a pile of “certificates” but uses them as he sees fit to express his appreciation to others. Laugh! I believe it’s only when the Gooferment get involved does the “wealth distribution” suddenly become a big issue. That and many of “We, The Sheeple” are induced to be jealous and envious of those “lucky few”. We have “raised” generations of “welfare farmers” and “Crony Capitalists” who live off the Gooferment dole. That’s our current problem, imho. The Pope’s message is socialism which emasculates the human desire to improve. Like “don’t feed the bears” in the national parks, “don’t feed the hungry”. Not to starve them, but to incentivize them. Give them opportunity. Don’t kill them with the “kindness” of the Gooferment dole. IMHO!]  

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