JNEWS: Story about Reynolds. Richard Jr. [MC1967 RIP] found by Kilroy, Jim (MC1968)


Hi John … Kevin is from Academy Street … a Jasper connection …  this story is about his brother Richie (GSS & MC 67) … he was a LT in the USMC … a great guy … I attended his funeral at Good Shepherd … Jim

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Kilroy, Jim (MC1968)

Reynolds. Richard Jr. [MC1967 RIP]

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His long journey to Vietnam nearly over, Kevin Reynolds cupped his hands and scooped sand from a berm near where his 23-year-old brother was killed


His long journey to Vietnam nearly over, Kevin Reynolds cupped his hands and scooped sand from a berm near where his 23-year-old brother was killed during the war.

Reynolds, 67, had traveled to the village last month, hoping to find the exact spot where Marine 2nd Lt. Richard Reynolds Jr. had died in 1968 and also to bring a small measure of closure to a long and painful family history.

Rudy Molina, a Vietnam veteran and a friend of Richard Reynolds who made the trip, said, “He was just like in a trance or something, in deep thought.”

“We both were quiet,” said Molina, 69, of Coulterville, California. “It was emotional for me, too. It was almost 50 years since this happened, and to be walking in the same spot where his brother was killed and my friend was killed, it was eerie feeling.”

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During his trip, Reynolds brought clothing and toys to an orphanage in Da Nang, a city that American troops had used as a giant military base, and whose surrounding area had been devastated by the fighting. He considered it a peace gesture on behalf of his brother.

Finding closure, Kevin Reynolds said, might never be fully possible. But finding the spot where his brother perished brought a connection that had eluded him for the decades since his passing, Reynolds said.

In the emotional moment when he reached the spot where his brother died, Reynolds scooped up the sand, but forgot to bury a scarf he had given his mother before she died in 1993.

“I was finally in an area that had been crisscrossed several times by my brother and his men, and that was satisfying,” Reynolds said of his trip. “This was the finish line for me.”

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Good Afternoon All,

Please allow me to share with you an incredible journey taken by the Brother (Kevin Reynolds ) of 2nd.Lt. Richard Reynolds Jr. ’67, United States Marine Corps. The story was shared with us by John Reinke who received it from Fellow Jasper, Jim Kilroy ’68. The story is sad, beautiful and uplifting as it talks about a real hero loved, mourned, cherished, respected and never forgotten. One of so many that gave all in Vietnam. We pray for Lt. Reynolds, his Brother, Kevin, his Friend, Jim Kilroy, the Reynolds Family and those so many others who were touched by Lt. Reynolds. His love, grace, sacrifice and spirit live on. Thank you, Kevin, Jim and John. Semper Fi, Richie. God Bless.
Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) 
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Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) passed this along to his prayer circle.

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