POSITRACTION: Spinach Leaf to Heart Tissue


Spinach Leaf Transformed Into Beating Human Heart Tissue »

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Delaney Chambers of National Geographic writes about a recently published study where scientists actually found a way to use spinach to build beating human heart tissue:

One of the defining traits of a leaf is the branching network of thin veins that delivers water and nutrients to its cells. Now, scientists have used plant veins to replicate the way blood moves through human tissue. The work involves modifying a spinach leaf in the lab to remove its plant cells, which leaves behind a frame made of cellulose.


The team then bathed the remaining plant frame in live human cells, so that the human tissue grew on the spinach scaffolding and surrounded the tiny veins. Once they had transformed the spinach leaf into a sort of mini heart, the team sent fluids and microbeads through its veins to show that blood cells can flow through this system.

Absolutely incredible. I can’t wait to see how this research pans out in the real world someday.

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What an amazing development.

I know when my now sainted wife was having some heart trouble, she was deemed to be inoperable because of her diabetes would prevent “harvesting a spare vein from her leg”. It was fortunate that she had developed a “spontaneous alternate flowing capillary” on her heart that meant no operation was needed.

I image that this might be a “God send” for some poor soul with a similar need.

Amazing what humanity can discover when we’re not killing each other.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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