COMMENT: Kuhn, Rob (MC1973) takes issue with my “c of a” stuff


[JR: A response from Kuhn, Rob (MC1973)]

Hi John …

My replies interspersed with yours:

JR: In a truly free market, cooperation yields “certificates of appreciation”.
RK: I don’t understand that. Frankly, it sounds like obfuscation.

[JR: No most people don’t see that the ONLY way to get money in truly free market is to serve the needs of our fellow human. Greed forces us to cooperate. Only the Crony Capitalists use Gooferment to get rich without serving anyone but themselves.]  

JR: If all those “certificates” end up in a few hands, then won’t it induce more cooperation? For example, Bill Gates doesn’t sit on a pile of “certificates” but uses them as he sees fit to express his appreciation to others. Laugh!
RK: Gates, together with his wife, is very magnanimous with his wealth. Still, because you’re right that he distributes it as he sees fit, not a lot “trickles down” to folks in the American middle class who could benefit.

[JR: Eventually, Gates “rewards” people who he appreciates with “his” certificates. Eventually “certificates” make the world go round.]  

JR: I believe it’s only when the Gooferment get involved does the “wealth distribution” suddenly become a big issue. That and many of “We, The Sheeple” are induced to be jealous and envious of those “lucky few”.
RK: I think a lot of Trump supporters would dispute that with you. They were out of work, out of money and felt “forgotten,” not unlucky. Government just tends to focus people’s views – not create them.

[JR: I don’t care WHAT the Trump supporters think. Looking to the President — any President — to solve YOUR problems merely perpetuates the myth that folks can only get ahead if the Gooferment helps. Gooferment does more than “focus”; it causes the problem and them “solves” them and creates more problems. That people look to the Gooferment to “fix”. Argh! It’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a perpetual motion machine. And, politicians and bureaucrats get rich off this illusion.]  

<<< interrupting for a quote >>>

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. — Morpheus in the Matrix (1999)

<<< now back to the dialogue >>>

JR: We have “raised” generations of “welfare farmers” and “Crony Capitalists” who live off the Gooferment dole. That’s our current problem, imho.
RK: Are you counting the corporations that receive enormous subsidies, tax breaks, and other benefits they often get to write into legislation themselves through the auspices of lobbyists?

[JR: Of course, they are a big part of our current problem.]  

JR: The Pope’s message is socialism which emasculates the human desire to improve.
RK: Because if you count the corporations, this charge against the Pope must be softened. And the “emasculation” (maybe “diminishment” would have been a better gender-neutral word) of desire to improve can just as easily be reached simply by being deprived of the opportunity to work (or to earn a living income). In fact, more than a diminished desire to improve might result — the complete loss of will to live can take hold.

[JR: Us fat old white guy injineers don’t parse words. NO, no, no. By saying “deprived of the opportunity to work” you’re letting the victims off the hook of their own making. The “opportunity to work” is always all around them. They just don’t see it or let the Gooferment seduce them into thinking it’s not there. Look at the immigrants, who come here dirt poor and not knowing the language, and the next thing you know they are doing well. If not wealthy! Argh!]  

JR: Like “don’t feed the bears” in the national parks, “don’t feed the hungry”. Not to starve them, but to incentivize them. Give them opportunity. Don’t kill them with the “kindness” of the Gooferment dole. IMHO!
RK: I agree people need opportunity, as I just said. It seems to me, though, that concentration of wealth acts to remove opportunity. The free market does as well — for instance taking advantage of every available opportunity to increase bottom-line profit for investors, even at the expense of the workforce. Before long, automation will increasingly deny people who are perfectly willing to work the opportunity to do so. But, I don’t think the Pope has approached that topic, specifically, yet.

[JR: I misspoke. Don’t “give” them opportunity. Show them where it is and let them “take” it. Argh! (I’m frustrated.) The free market LETS every worker earn as much wealth as the value he provides to the marketplace. I’ve yet to see an employer cut at the expense of the workforce where that workforce was earning that employer more than it cost. It’d be stupid. And, the free market, allows workers to take their labor elsewhere if they feel abused. I’ve seen Burger King and McD’s “bid” for workers against each other. But the soiled rotten kids in my neighborhood don’t have to to work because Mommy and Daddy paradigms and memesper them. Yet I see minorities walking a mile from the bus stop to get to those jobs in all sorts of weather. I often give them a lift. And, they can’t speak English. The opportunities are there if people want them.]  

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[JR: Hope this was entertaining. I’m just a fat old white guy injineer who sees the world differently. Argh! You should really listen to Tom Woods or Jason Stapleton or read Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell who are more skillful at explaining it.]  

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