POSITRACTION: How often do folks “returns to build ramp”?



Man Helps Amputee Up the Stairs, Then Returns to Build Ramp
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by McKinley Corbley – Apr 7, 2017

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Jennifer Austin had long awaited the day that her husband would finally return from the hospital – but after weeks of time spent in the ICU, Don Austin arrived home on Friday only to find a frustrating obstacle standing in his way: the stairs to his front door.

Due to a host of health issues, Don had had his leg amputated below the knee. Though he had crutches handy, he still wasn’t strong enough to make it up the stairs to their house in Creston, Florida.

“There was no way I could get him up [the stairs] with the wheelchair,” said Jennifer. “There became a critical point where he ended up down on the concrete steps, and even with his mother’s help, there was not enough strength to lift him up.”

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This is a great story for the moral lesson. How often do I not even see the original need? Let alone do I come back with an “army” to really fix the problem!

Very impressive!

I hope there’s a flow of blessings for that good man.

Hope I can do this sometime, any time, or even all the time.

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